Project Schedule

YEAR ONE (Aug. 1, 2023 – Jul. 31, 2024)
Illinois Case Study Survey
Date RangeMajor Activities
Aug. – Sep. 2023Project Set Up and Advisor Coordination: establish work and data management plans, create project website.
Aug. – Oct. 2023Survey Development and Design: create survey instrument using Qualtrics, develop survey questionnaire, seek IRB approval, test sample pilot survey, promote survey.
Nov. 2023 – Feb. 2024Survey Implementation and Dissemination: survey distributed through the connections of state advisors, survey data collected by project team using Qualtrics, continue promoting survey.
Mar. – May 2024Survey Analysis: SPSS and R for quantitative analysis, Taguette for qualitative and thematic, conduct TeamCWA, share data with advisors.
Jun. – Jul. 2024Survey Deliverables: preparation of survey findings report and aggregated data, survey deliverables made available to public  on project website.
Jun. – Jul. 2024Transition to Year Two: identify common themes and potential areas of discussion from survey results to being preparation for Year Two Community Engagement Roundtables.
YEAR TWO (Aug. 1, 2024 – Jul. 31, 2025)
Community Engagement Roundtables
Aug. – Dec. 2024CERs Development and Design: develop CERs discussions and activities from survey findings, create CERs panelists application form and participant registration form, recruit, invite, and confirm 20-25 panelists and at least 100 participants, develop CERs feedback form, update project website with CERs information and promote the CERs.
Jan. 2025CER I: discuss survey findings and identify gaps and challenges to library-community partnerships, create and make available on website CER I findings report.
Feb. 2025CER II: build on CER I discussions to discuss successful library-community partnerships and develop recommendations for successful partnerships, create and make available on website CER II findings report.
Feb. – Apr. 2025CERs Analysis: conduct analysis on CERs data and findings to develop initial recommendations for library-community partnerships and reveal the underlying framework which will inform paths of future research.
May – Jul. 2025CERs Deliverables: create CERs overall findings report with results from both CERs.
May – Jul. 2025Project Wrap-Up and Final Deliverables: Develop comprehensive white paper and make available on the project website. White paper will include the project’s initial findings on library-community partnerships during emergencies and recommendations for developing successful partnerships. Presentations and publications will be prepared for major state and national library and non-library conferences to promote the project’s findings. The project team will identify areas of further investigation to begin preparation of a research project which will investigate findings on library-community partnerships in emergencies in-depth.