Project Updates

Project Survey

Year One of the Libraries as Partners project focuses on a case study survey of multi-type Illinois libraries, taking Illinois libraries as a microcosm of the national library community. Survey results will contribute to the development of the national level conversations of the Year Two Community Engagement Roundtables (CERs) by generating an initial understanding of the project’s three focus areas: Emergencies, Scope and Nature of Partnership, and Role of Libraries in Partnership.

The following visualizations provide preliminary information about the survey’s Illinois respondents.

What type of library do you work for?

What Illinois library system do you belong to?

The survey will close on February 29, 2024. To participate before then, access the survey through this link:

More survey findings will be posted in the next three months as survey analysis is conducted in depth.


Jan. 12, 2024: Presentation at the Chinese American Librarian Association, Canada Chapter 2024 Annual Conference

Sept. 14, 2023: Presentation at Illinois Library Association Board Meeting

Sept. 15, 2023: Presentation at Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois Board Meeting

Sept. 18, 2023: Presentation at Special Library Association Illinois Community Board Meeting

Sept. 20, 2023: Presentation at Chicago Public Library Capital Meeting

Sept. 26, 2023: Presentation at Illinois Heartland Library System Board Meeting